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*Awards I've won!*

I got this one from Martina! Viva Zomelgustar!

This award is from Ryoko! Thank you so much my fellow demoness!

These are from Kain Hero! Thank you very much!

This award is from B~Chan! Arigato b chaaaaaaaaaan!!

This hellariffic award is fromSarah!thank you so much, sorry for mispelling your name^^

I got these awards from Linky maxwell! linky is THE ONLY winner of the very hard to win *Hell Master Ryoko's GOLD* award, so visit her site! it's not finished yet, but it's coming out really well! ^_^

This award is from Warren Thank you very very much, de gozario!

This chimraful award is from J-Chan! Thanks a bunch!

I got these Lovelies From Shuten and Setsuna Thank you so much!

This one is from Miko! ooooh Nagako *drool*