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Phibirzo: Hello mortals, well since I was just floating around in limbo with nothing to do, I decided to help my replacecment, Ryoko, with her so called web page. This is her awards section, where, if your site is worthy of one, you can win one or more of her awards! If you want to apply for one just e mail her at: The only condition for the getting of one is that you link this page to yours! Scroll down to view the various awards!

Phibby: This award is for beginner sites of sites that are incomplete. This one's pretty easy to win.

Phibby:This one's for great sites that are, in our opinion, superior in design and content. This one's farly difficult to win.

Phibby: Well this one's the mother of all awards! *no pun intended* This gold award is for sites that go above and beyond all normal web sites. It all show that your either a genius or just have too much time on your hands. This one is almost impossible to win, but hey submit and see!

Phibby: This award goes to great anime and/or JPOP sites! * The song POPCORN is Ryoko's favorite song*

Phibby: ...Well, what is there to say about this one. This award is for sites that are overly...HYPER! To the point where it's dizzying. It's easy to win if your site's on a heavy prescription of speed...^ . ^*

Phibby: Here's a new one! This one's for sites that are so's sickening! arrrrrrrg...lotsa pink >.< *faints*

Phibby: Yet another new one, this one is for anime couple shrines. Isn't love great everyone? ...ok i said it!!!!! Where's my 5 bucks Ryoko? ~.~*

Phibby: Well that's all for now... Martina? why in the name of CHAOS is it this time?
Martina: WHAAAAAAA!!!! I want one for my page!!!!
Phibby:... Um, I didn't even know you had a web page...
Martina: *WAILS*
Phibby:...Sigh, listen folks this may get ugly click below to go back to the main page...

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