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Hello Everyone, and welcome to what appears to be the only Wilad Adapter gallery on the net. There is good reason for this seeing as Wild adapter is the latest work from Kazuya Minekura and is onlt a 3 book magna, so far. I'm not really sure what it's about but I personally love the art style and on my trip to japan i was able to aquire the first W.A. Manga, plus the first two OVA manga. If you like darkness, angst, and above all yoai, then this manga's for you ^_^ Enjoy the stuff i scanned in, and please DON'T TAKE ANY OF THESE WITHOUT ASKING FIRST. I'd be glad to let anyone use these (seeing as I don't OWN the rights or anything) but it took me a while to scan so i would really appreciate it of you ask me first =^_^=

Makoto Kubota

Minoru Tokitoh

The pair of them